Born in Southern California to a crazy mother, he finished his childhood in Las Vegas, and don't think growing up in Sin City doesn't affect you, because it does!

But don't let PJ's corn fed middle America looks and demeanor fool you, he is edgy and over the top.  But that won’t stop you from calling PJ the most likable guy in the room.

With college on the East coast and life on the West coast, he has experienced a cross section of America; and he brings this diversity to his show! His funny take on life and positive attitude have been contagious his whole life and now he takes that energy on the road.

PJ’s years in the golf business have given him other hilarious material and the world and current events offer additional input to his always changing act.

Let PJ’s enthusiasm and goofiness draw you in and have you laughing until the end.

PJ performs nightly on the Las Vegas Strip and in over 200 shows yearly in casinos, clubs, and Colleges across North America.  As well he has been seen on KVBC NBC 3 Las Vegas, heard on Sirius XM Radio, and is in the 2012 movie "Finding the Funny" starring Brad Garrett and Louie Anderson. PJ can be seen weekly in laughter spots all over the world.